Parental Control - What is the best free parental control app for Android ?


If you have children, of course you want them to enjoy the benefits of the Internet while avoiding its drawbacks. Free parental control software can help protect your children from unwanted and unwelcome content that may surface without their knowledge. 

Your child is doing research for a school assignment, browsing Facebook to stay in touch with friends, sometimes watching videos on YouTube for entertainment... It is often during innocent and totally normal activities that your child may be confronted without realizing it with inappropriate content (pornography, gambling...) Since you obviously cannot constantly stay behind your children to check that everything is going well while they are surfing on the Internet, this is where free parental control software can help.

With this tool, you can limit the sites your kids can access, either by blocking access to specific sites or by only allowing access to sites you've authorized. Regardless of your child's age, whether they use a mobile device, Windows or MacOS, you will always find free parental control software that is perfectly suited to protect your children. Here is a non-exhaustive list of parental control applications.

Kaspersky SafeKids

As we all know, Kaspersky is a well-known mobile antivirus application. But why are we talking about it here today? It's because developers don't forget about children. Adults may be confronted with viruses and malware, but your child may face a worse situation.

With this in mind, they have developed professional Android parental control software, Kaspersky SafeKids, which allows you to block access to content appropriate for your children. At the same time, it also protects your device from viruses or other malware. 

In addition, you will be able to track all of your child's activities with the My Kaspersky application on your own device. For example, you can see how much time your child spends on Snapchat, YouTube or Facebook. 

You can also get more features if you have the Premium version of Kaspersky SafeKids, such as: set device usage limits by scheduling time slots for smartphone use, monitor your child's location, define a safe area for your child with real-time notification when they leave, view battery levels, receive real-time notification of any activity that does not comply with the rules, and even monitor your child's activity on Facebook.

Google Family Link for parents

Of course, no one is better than Google itself to create your Android application, and we can see this clearly via Google Family Link for parents.

Google Family Link for parents allows you to manage and track your children's activities on their phones. It does this by allowing you to remotely manage the applications of your choice via Google Play, giving you the ability to block access to certain applications, or send a request to parents for permission to purchase or download a new application. 

You can also set time limits on how long they can use the device to prevent them from spending their lives on it. 

Kids Place - Parental Controls

Another great app for those who want to create a safe environment for their child, Kids Place is more than just a free android parental control application, as it uses the ability to change the theme and options of the phone and the available applications to create a safe environment. area for your children.

Kids Place lets you block online purchases and downloads from the Google Play Store, disable all wireless signals to prevent them from connecting to free Wi-Fi zones, and control screen time to prevent prolonged phone use.

You can also select which application you allow them to use.

Parental Controls in Family Time

This application offers you many features available only in the premium versions, such as setting a screen time limit by programming a predefined time such as bedtime, dinner time, homework time, etc.

In addition, you will be able to monitor the text messages your child sends or receives to prevent harassment, threats or bullying.

In addition, you will be able to permanently or temporarily block any application, game, website or social networking platform with the